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Emmett Theobold in the Ocolo signature hoodie

Emmett Theobold is the CEO and founder of Ocolo Clothing. Emmett founded Ocolo with the vision of creating a brand that will provide music artists with high quality clothing at affordable pricing, benefiting both the artist and customer. Emmett wants Ocolo Clothing to have a community built around the artists we partner with and our customers, an environment where everyone can meet new people and prosper. Connect with Emmett today on any of these platforms: TwitterInstagram or Facebook





Robert Jefferson Jr. aka Galvanized-Tron is an American Hip Hop artist from Omaha, NE. 2011 OHA Best Artist/ Best Album. 2011 OEAA artist of the year/ best Hip Hop. 2012 OEAA best Hip Hop. Connect with Tron today on the following platforms: Sound Cloud, Facebook, Twitter or gtronzilla on snapchat.


Kyle Hickey in the Ocolo Crown T-ShirtKyle Hickey is an American Hip-Hop artist born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Kyle began to discover his love for Hip-Hop at an early age. Kyle recalls times when him and his dad use to bump hip-hop with his father as a child and ever since then he has been in love with music. At 21 Kyle decided to take his music career to the next level and fly out to Las Vegas and to be mentored by Peter Kane. Kyle quickly picked things up and didn’t look back. In 2016 Kyle got to be part of the Legalize it tour with the OG Spice 1. It was such a blessing and a great experience for me Kyle states. Shortly after that Kyle received a phone call from his producer Chris P Kushman about rapper B.G. Knocc Out the former Real Mutha fuckin G rapper from Ruthless Records. Together they helped Kyle create one of his favorite songs that he has been apart of.  Kyle’s most recent statement that he has made is “After everything and everywhere I have been through in this industry I love what I do and thank God for the opportunities that I have been blessed with and I hope to one day give it all back to the city and everyone that has supported me and showed me love along the way”.