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Emmett Theobold is the CEO and founder of Ocolo Clothing. Emmett founded Ocolo with the vision of creating a brand that will provide music artists with high quality clothing at affordable pricing, benefiting both the artist and customer. Emmett wants Ocolo Clothing to have a community built around the artists we partner with and our customers, an environment where everyone can meet new people and prosper. Connect with Emmett today on any of these platforms: TwitterInstagram or Facebook



Robert Jefferson JrRobert Jefferson Jr. aka Galvanized-Tron is an American Hip Hop artist from Omaha, NE. 2011 OHA Best Artist/ Best Album. 2011 OEAA artist of the year/ best Hip Hop. 2012 OEAA best Hip Hop. Connect with Tron today on the following platforms: Sound Cloud, Facebook, Twitter or gtronzilla on snapchat

































The 110 collection is always being true to yourself. Callum believes if you give 100% in everything you do, you are just as good as any other determined figure. With something you're passionate about, you will automatically be giving 110% effort. This concept was envisioned by Callum Penny.