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What is Ocolo Clothing?

Ocolo Clothing is a lifestyle brand that creates streetwear clothing of our own design as well as supporting music artists to help increase their brand awareness.

We support up and coming artists by providing both them and their fans with the highest quality clothing. We believe that clothing, like music, is a form of expression and allows you to show everybody who you truly are, and we want to help you express yourself to the world. So by ordering an Ocolo product, you are not only supporting and helping an upcoming music artist, you are also showing the world who you really are.

We want everyone from the behind-the-scenes staff, to the music artists and customers to connect with each other. We aim for a friendly community where people can meet new people with similar interests in a relaxed environment.

Our brand is based on people. We aim to not only help artists prosper but to also ensure that our customers are happy, this is why we pride ourselves in providing the highest standard and speed of customer service possible.

The Creation Process

Each order is individually processed and hand-printed by the team. Once an order is received, the items will be picked from stock and prepared for printing.

Your product will now have the design applied to it, we use direct-to-garment printing and the highest quality inks available, ensuring you get the best print quality possible.

After the printing has finished, your item is passed onto our quality control team, who will ensure the item meets our standard and is able to be sent out. When items have passed quality control they are then packaged and passed onto our couriers to be delivered to your door.

If you need to contact us, you can do so here. We will respond as soon as possible.