Ocolo Clothing Has Launched! 26th June 2017 – Posted in: Launch

Ocolo Clothing is proud to officially be open for business. The team has put in a huge amount of work to get us here and we are exited to see what you think of our designs.

Ocolo Clothing was created with to deliver the highest quality of clothing for music artists and their fans; and thanks to every single member of the team, we can proudly announce that we are ready to start doing this.

The following clothing lines are now available:
  • Ocolo Classics
  • Galvanized-Tron
  • Kyle Hickey

You can read more about each identity in the collection tab of the website. Alternatively you can view our team page to find out about the people behind each section.

We will be looking to extend our ranges in the future, with more designs as well as working with new people. So if you are are in the music business and are looking for a company to provide your clothing, please contact us

Everyone behind this project are looking forward to hearing all of your feedback about our website, designs and clothing!